Christmas The Dog

Christmas The Dog


The puppy fell with a plop

Sliding in the snowy slop

A voice whispered, “I’m so sorry

To leave you here

But we can’t afford to feed you dear.”

The door slammed and the car drove away

Puppy whined and barked to say

“Don’t leave me, I’m little and not very bold.”

But the car was gone into the wind and cold

She shook herself and looked around

She’d never seen this part of town

She was only 12 weeks old and quivering

It was freezing and she was shivering

Cars rushed by and she was afraid

She backed from the road and slid down the grade

Puppy crawled under a cyclone fence

And through some briars that were pretty dense

She saw nearby some houses’ lights

Decorated for Christmas with reds and whites

She waddled up to some back yard

And sat on a lawn thinking hard

How was she supposed to stay alive?

Cold and hungry she had to survive.

Meanwhile, in one of the houses…

Christmas was going to be very tough

Fredonia’s mom lost her job and it was rough

Dad was working, but at minimum pay

Mom’s unemployment helped, but didn’t save the day

It looked like Santa wouldn’t have much in his bag

Fredonia wanted some stuff, but she refused to nag

At 8-years old she understood things were tight

But, she dreamed a dog would be just right.

On Christmas Eve they came back from church

Their little tree sat on its perch

It’s lighted strings of green and red

Looked so pretty as she headed for bed.


Puppy crawled up the steps of the place

Still cold and lost and hoping for grace

She noticed a door was open a bit

She wiggled right through, quite a tight fit.

“Who left the door open?” yelled Fredonia’s dad.

“We can’t heat the outside, that makes me mad.”

He closed it, locked up and turned out the light

Puppy hid ‘neath the tree, just out of sight

Fredonia had put out milk and sweets

Just in case Santa needed some treats

Puppy ate the cookies on Santa’s plate

And lapped up the milk. It tasted just great.

It was dark, but warm and she fell fast asleep

No barking or whining or making a peep

As the dawn came the family woke up

Fredonia checked for presents and discovered the pup.

She shouted “Wow! Thank you! You got what I dreamed.”

She picked up puppy, hugged her and beamed

Mom looked at Dad. Dad looked a mom.

Like they’d just been hit by a rather large bomb.

Dad said “I guess Santa works in a mysterious way.”

“You got that right”, said Mom,”but it is Christmas day.”

They smiled and wondered at this miraculous sight.

“I’ll call her Christmas!” Yup, that felt just right.

Merry Christmas – 2011